Gifts for grandchildren


Gifts for grandchildren

(1 Year – Monthly Box Program)



Best Gifts for Grandchildren

Our Program is designed to help grandparents raise of Godly Grand kids in a dark and fallen world. We have put together a monthly box to deliver Christian World View items to your grand child door every month and provide Grand Parents access to Grand Coaching to help you lead your grandchildren in a biblical way.


Cancel culture, sexual distortion, critical race theory and other left-leaning shifts have penetrated our public education system and our society. Clearly, we live in a post-Christian era. But there is hope … Godly grandparents.

What you get:

  • Grand Coaching 15-week course (For Grand Parents) from Master Life Coach Training Institute
  • Monthly Box to your GrandChild with Holiday Specific products for Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s.
  • Bible
  • Comics
  • Text
  • Email Communications and more for both you and grandchildren!


Gifts for grandchildren who live far away

A monthly reminder of you and your love for your grandchild far away will arrive, including the treat of the month. (sample Comics)
Christian Comic Books

Valentine’s gifts for grandchildren

This month will include content specific to LOVE, and a GOdly Love message.

Easter gifts for grandchildren

The restriction box includes special content designed to spark a conversation and deepen their understanding of the resurrection.

Christmas gifts for grandchildren

Your grandchild will receive a fully illustrated bible designed as a keepsake that will be handed down for generations to come.

Illustrated Christian Kids Bible

……making it great for even Great Grand children!


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